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2012 September, Shanghai Xuhui Procuratorate

This system successfully used in indoor LCD displays in Shanghai Xuhui Procuratorate to display different types of multimedia information between multiple monitors.

2012 September, 2012 Nine Ball China Open Tournament

The match used our billiard scoring system. Which used the event management system to manage the information of every player. The real-time scores would be published on the live web site automatically.
The Title Maker system also be used on this match. The name and score information of the contestants be overlapped on live video in real time and convert into streaming media for broadcasting on the network.

2012 August, Nike Festival of Sports

Nike Festival of Sports held by Nike is an annual event loved by a large number of enthusiasts.
In the basketball tournament of current Nike Festival of Sports, our basketball scoring system was used to scoring and timing.
It also used our new product Title Maker. It overlaps the real-time score and match time signal onto the live video, and displayed on LED Screen.

Nike Festival of Sports Nike Festival of Sports

2012 July, 2012 Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championships

Professional Ultra Score software was used in the fifth women's and men's beach handball World championships which were held in Oman in July 2012. Ultra Score has gained recognition and credibility from International Handball Federation during the competition.

V Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championships V Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championships
International Handball Federation (Beach Handball) International Handball Federation (Beach Handball)

2012 June, CBA Basketball League Youth Club

2012 March, Four Continents Youth Basketball Challenge

2012 "Sanbaishan Cup" Four Continents Youth Basketball Challenge was held in AnYuan stadium. The basketball team from Australia, United States, Lithuania, and China brought audience several exciting matches.

2012 September, Outdoor LED Screen system for broadcast & TV of WuJiang City

Our system managed nearly 100 LED displaying screens for community bulletining of whole Wujiang city. Our system was used to broadcast culture and entertainment information, publish government announcements and display advertisement and so on. With the method of remote management in center computer room, our system could monitor real-time playback state of each screen at any time.

2012 February, Media Channels System of BOJIE MEDIA

This system has been successfully used in media channels for media displaying of BOJIE Media Company. There are more than 70 city theater which have been installed our "Player" software. All of them can display media files smoothly. It achieved accurate and effective dissemination for nearly four hundred million viewing people.