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Wushu Sanda Scoring System

Wushu Sanda Scoring System Diagram

Wushu Taolu Scoring System

Wushu Taolu Scoring System Diagram

Wushu Duanbing Scoring System

Wushu Duanbing Scoring System Diagram

Wushu Scoring Software

Wushu Scoring Software Features:
  • Support for Wushu referee scoring.
  • Display various scoring information.
  • Record results, and generate reports.
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    Wushu Wireless Host

    Wushu Wireless Host Specification:
    Model: KS-WH-G
    Size: 140x120x30 (mm)
    Communication: 433MHz Wireless
  • Must be used together with Wushu Scoring Software.
  • Wireless communication distance up to 20m.
  • Customize the communication band.
  • Support multi-site match simultaneously.

  • Wushu Wireless Handheld

    Wushu Wireless Handheld Specification:
    Model: KS-GC17
    Size: 120x220x70 (mm)
    Display: Full color LCD(4.3 Inch)
    Communication: 433MHz Wireless
    Power: Internal battery (work over 10 hours)
  • Support: Wushu Sanda, Wushu Taolu.
  • Must be used together with Wushu Scoring Software and Wireless Host.
  • Referee scoring operation for one court.
  • Support group A judges to insert score code, and auto prompt penalty point.
  • Support group B judges to insert overall perform point.
  • The judges in group C can be automatically reminded with the difficulty action and connection action, and then score in real-time.
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    Wushu Wireless Scoring Controller

    Wushu Wireless Scoring Controller Specification:
    Model: KS-TKEP-C
    Size: 160x95x30 (mm)
    Communication: 433MHz Wireless
  • Support: Wushu Sanda.
  • Scoring: make points for the player.
  • Wireless communication distance up to 20m.
  • With long standby function.
  • With vibration alerts while scoring.

  • Wushu Winner Indicator

    Wushu Winner Indicator Specification:
    Model: KS-WULT
    Size: 155x90x405 (mm)
    Power: 12V DC
    Communication: 433MHz Wireless
  • Must be used together with Wushu Referee Terminal.
  • Show the color for winner in the Wushu Sanda match.

  • Meet Management Server

    Meet Management Server Specification:
    Model: KS-MMS-MINI
    Size: 182x178x36 (mm)
    Weight: 1.2 KG
  • Multi-court arrangement, auto generate the order form.
  • Multi-project arrangement, make the schedule more smoothly.
  • Monitor the status of each court in real time, including the current field, rotation and player info.
  • Court adjustment, can manually modify the match court and session info.
  • Summary and print integrated report.

  • Video Arbitration System

    Video Arbitration System Features:
  • Record and replay the HD video with different angles on maximum 8 channels.
  • Variant replay speed selection.
  • Mark and export video clips on any time.
  • Link with scoring and timing system, display the game clock and referee operations on the replay video.
  • Pan & zoom the video on any channel, which can see exactly the details of the view.
  • Display the live or replay video onto the LED screen in the stadium.
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