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Judo Scoring System

Judo Scoring System Diagram

Judo Scoring Software

Judo Scoring Software Features:
  • Support for Judo referee scoring.
  • Display various scoring information.
  • Record results, and generate reports.
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    Judo Scores Display Controller

    Judo Scores Display Controller Specification:
    Type: KS-DPC-G
    Size: 142x87x62 (mm)
    Weight: 1 KG
    Display: 1024x768
  • Displaying score information of the specified court will be realized when connect to Judo Scoring System.
  • Output video screen to multiple LED monitors.
  • Screen will be updated in real time based on the referee's operation.

  • Judo Court Management Server

    Judo Court Management Server Specification:
    Type: KS-GMS-G
    Size: 142x87x62(mm)
    Weight: 0.5 KG
  • Multi-court arrangement, aoto generate the order form.
  • Multi-project arrangement, make the schedule more smoothly.
  • Monitor the status of each court in real time, including the current field, rotation and player info.
  • Court adjustment, can manually modify the match court and session info.
  • Summary and print integrated report.

  • Video Arbitration System

    Video Arbitration System Features:
  • 4 channels synchronize video record.
  • Integrated with Match scoring system, capturing of official Match Controller data.
  • Marking of important or questionable moments “live” or during replay.
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