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2007 October, Middle East Stadium

Our system was used in Middle East Stadium implementing the large-scale videos synchronize effect.

2007 October, Hong Kong Vitoria Square

Multimedia publishing system was installed in Hong Kong Vitoria Square for a 560㎡ super LED screen's media displaying. Our system solved several difficult problems on this screen: making the video playback smoothly, flipping between different video files seamlessly and automatically scheduling, etc.
Multimedia publishing system was used in the most prosperous area in Hong Kong - Victoria Square. We have brought the superior quality advertisement effect to the customers.

2007 September, Shanghai JinShan Stadium

Our competition score system with football competition module was used in Shanghai JinShan Stadium. It was successfully used in "2007 Shanghai Women World Cup". And this system has also been used in the "Shanghai ZhongChao league matches" in a long term.

CFA Chinese Football Association
China League China League

2007 June, Shanghai International Gymnastic Center

With our gymnastics module, this match scoring system was successfully used in "China Gymnastic Championship", and "2007 Special Olympics".
And with our Network control function, the operator could control two LED screens easily.

CGT Chinese Gymnastics Team