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Handball Scoring System

Handball scoring system. It supports scoring, timing and player penalty function during the handball match.
Match Scoring System
Match Scoring System
Scoring and Timing software for Handball match. It can be used to display: Score, Match Timer, Foul Times, Timeout Times, Player Points and Player Foul Times as well as the advertising during the match.
Sports Live Video System
Sports Live Video System
It can be used together with the scoring system to form a professional media broadcasting system. It can display the overlay score, timing and player info on the live video. And it also can be used to slow motion playback.
Sports Stats System
Sports Stats System
The professional statistics software for Handball match. It can record all events during the handball match and export the statistics report which can be used to help the coach and the player to analyze the whole match.

Handball Scoring Software

Handball Scoring Software Features:
It can be used to display scoreboard on the LED screen. This software has already been used for various international matches.
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Handball Referee Console

Handball Referee Console Specification:
Model: KS-GC16
Size: 330x290x140 (mm)
Weight: 3 KG
Shell: Plastic
Display: Full color LCD (7 Inch)
Power: AC 100V~240V
Network: LAN, WLAN
  • Be used together with Handball Scoring Software.
  • Working in the LAN or WLAN environment.
  • Modify the score of the team and player.
  • Modify the foul times of the team and player.
  • Match timer control. Adjust the match timer.
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    Video Arbitration System

    Video Arbitration System Features:
  • Record and replay the HD video with different angles on maximum 8 channels.
  • Variant replay speed selection.
  • Mark and export video clips on any time.
  • Link with scoring and timing system, display the game clock and referee operations on the replay video.
  • Pan & zoom the video on any channel, which can see exactly the details of the view.
  • Display the live or replay video onto the LED screen in the stadium.
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