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2008 November, Hengdian Movie City, Activity Cinema

Hengdian Movie City is the biggest projector system in Asia. Out video synchronize system was used to export 2 High Definition video signals, then the video mixer would send it to 4 projectors. Some active movie theater.

Hengdian Movie City Hengdian Movie City

2008 November, 2008 National Artistic Swimming Championships

The 2008 National Synchronized Swimming Championships in which we provide the technical services was held successfully.
We have provided the LED screen lease, competition manager software, on-site technical support and scoring services.

Chinese Swimming Association Chinese Swimming Association

2008 September, An Exhibition in Shandong

Video synchronize system was used on the exhibition. The exhibitor used 5 normal computers to playback different videos on each computer and used our system for the synchronous of each video playback which finally combined into a complete video effect.

2008 September, Shanghai YangShan Deepwater Port Power Control Center

The LED screen in Shanghai YangShan Deepwater Port Power Control Center used our multimedia publishing system to display the parameters of power monitoring system.

2008 July, Football field in Belgium

The system was used in this football field for displaying advertisement videos during the football competition, which achieved the perfect effect of advertising.

2008 July, 60 Screen dots of one bank in Anhui Province

Our multimedia publishing system was installed in 60 screens dots of the bank, and it made the manager could control all devices, and could publish information on several screens at the same time conveniently.

2007 October, Shanghai Stadium

The biggest stadium in Shanghai - "Shanghai Stadium" used "Barco's" products to display the score information. And we provided our network version competition score system to them for the competition information and multimedia display.
This system has been fully tested with the "2007 Special Olympics" event, and got a lot of high opinions from the sporting world.

Barco China Barco China
2007 Special Olympics 2007 Special Olympics

2008 April, Shanghai Fire Center

Shanghai Fire Center used our multimedia publishing system for LED displaying. We customized several database displaying layout for them. And with the shortcut key dispatch function, the user could switch between several information screens quickly. We also customized the remote screen switch program and database switch program for them. The system was 24x365 stably used.

2008 March, Manufacturing company monitor center

There was one manufacturing company in china using our multimedia publishing system to display the information of the produce line which based on EXCEL file and database of SAP. So they can monitor and control the produce process quickly.