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2009 November, 2009-2010 TeBu China WCBA

Shanghai division of the 2009-2010 TeBu China WCBA is held in the shanghai university stadium. And our competition scoring system was used to display the scores and events information on the LED screen successfully.

WCBA 2009-2010 TeBu China WCBA

2009 October, 2009 Bandy World Championship

2009 Bandy World Championship was held in Switzerland, and our Ultra Score software was used to displaying the score on the LED Screen.

Bandy World Cup 2009 Bandy World Cup 2009
Federation of International Bandy Federation of International Bandy

2009 October, Tian'anmen Square in Beijing

The military parade was held in Tian'anmen Square on October 1 National Day. The two super LED screens in the front of square achieved a variety of multimedia synchronous displaying. Our system has been successfully used to finish a smooth playback of video, images and text information, and other media content. It makes an icing on a cake for the parade.

2009 September, HuangShan XiangMing Theater

Huangshan XiangMing theater is built for the large scale performance---HuiYun. It cost about 70 million, occupied 8000 square meters, held 1500 seats for general audiences and 22 for VIP. The project equipment and technology all used the most advanced equipment. And it spent about 2 years to complete the establishing. The LED screen is the most advanced in the world, whose height is 8 meter, length is 22 meter and area is 176 square meters.
As the travelling feature of HuangShan, the cabaret of "Hui Yun" in XiangMing theater show the rich heritage for HuiZhou culture. And our video synchronize system is used to be hot backup software of LED screen, it ensures the system recover from the emergency rapidly and makes lights to synchronize videos and music.

XiangMing Theater --- HuiYun XiangMing Theater --- HuiYun

2009 August, The 4th National Taekwondo Championships

The 4th National Taekwondo Championships The 4th National Taekwondo Championships used our competition scoring system with the Taekwondo module.
Chinese Taekwondo Association Chinese Taekwondo Association

2009 August, XVII Men's Junior Handball World Championship

XVII Men's Junior Handball World Championship was held in Cairo on 5th August 2009, and our handball software was successfully used in the competition.

XVII Men`s Junior Handball World Championship XVII Men`s Junior Handball World Championship
International Handball Federation International Handball Federation

2009 July, GanZhou City Exhibition Hall

The video of the city's scene in each display can be synchronized with our video synchronize software.

2009 July, The unveil ceremony of a famous film "Gasp"

The famous actor: GeYou
Press conference for the film.

Dynamic Advertising Channels Holding Ltd

This system has been successfully used in many channels for media displaying of DAC Media Company, and mainly used in cinema, high school, shopping mall, airport, golf club and so on. There are about 1000 terminals which have been installed our "Player" software. All of them can display media files smoothly and clearly through our WEB manager which can control all terminals remotely. It is convenient to control and manage all terminals in different places and improve the efficiency for advertisers.

DAC Dynamic Advertising Channels Holding Ltd

2009 April, GuangZhou XinHuiYunJin Village

The sales office of GuangZhou XinHuiYunJin Village used our video synchronize software to synchronize the videos on several LCD screens.

2009 March. Shanghai SongJiang District Display Centralized Control System

We undertook the SongJiang District displaying upgrading mission together with our partners. We completed more than 40 communities and schools bulletin-screen transformation. We replaced the original software system with the new one while retaining the original displaying hardware (including synchronous and asynchronous LED screen, LCD and projector, etc.).
Finally, the screen in each community and school could be used to display their own information. At the same time, the Bureau of Meteorology will also put the weather forecast on all screens each day. And in the emergency weather condition, the screen even could be opened remotely to display the essential information.

2009 February, An Exhibition Room

There are several LCD monitors and projectors used in this exhibition room, our video synchronize system was used to export the synchronous video signals for all these systems.