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CMS System for LED Screens


Contents Display

Support Variants File Formats

Video (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, etc.), Flash (SWF), Image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF), Text (TXT), WORD Document (DOC, DOCX), etc. Supported Media Formats

Video Streaming

Set up a video streaming server. All players will be able to display the video from the streaming server. It can be used to display the real-time TV programs.

Video Signal

Display the live video or TV program through a video capture device. The channel of the TV program can also be selected.

Weather Forecast

Display the weather forecast of the selected city which includes the weather icon, temperature, wind direction, etc.

Sensor Information

Display the present ambient information just like humidity, temperature on the screen by working with a matching sensor.

Playlist Schedule

User can set a playlist to display perpetually as well as set the displaying date, time and priority freely. The playlist in different schedule time will be saved on the player as a prestore item. The player will display the playlist according to the schedule automatically. It is easy to realize the display function like the playlist insertion, preparation, etc.

Multi-windows Display

User can create several display windows on the screen which can display different playlist separately without interfering each other. It is flexible to switch between each kind of multi-windows solution.


Update the letter solo in the subtitle window without affecting the main content. User can send several pieces of letters to the player which will display them repeatedly according to the duration and priority which have been set. It is convenient to send a notification by browser and SMS through mobile phone as well.

Touch Screen Module

With touch screen module enabled, the user interactive interface is presented on the screen when touched. And it restores to display the playlist automatically when no one is using it.

Synchronous Display

By using synchronous display function, all the players will display the contents synchronously. Synchronous Display

Edit And Publish Playlist

Desktop Editor

Professional MS Windows desktop editor software can be used to make the playlist visually as well as auto-generate layout solution by importing the windows template. User also can drag and drop the files from file explorer into the editor directly to create a new display item. Copy and paste is supporting meanwhile. User can preview the contents which have been added in real time.
Desktop Edior

Online Editor

Create a simple content list on web server by browser directly which includes video, picture, text, time and sensor, etc. It supports browser as follows IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, etc. No need of any plug-in.
Online Editor

Publishing The playlist By Editor

By Logging the editor, user can send the generated playlist directly to the specified players which are allowed to operate on the server. If the content verified function on the manager is closed, playlist will be issued to the players automatically, moreover there is no need to open the browser during the whole publishing process

Playlist Uploading

The playlist item made by editor will be exported to generate a playlist package which can be distributed to the players by several ways including uploading to the WEB server or special FTP media server etc.

Importing the Playlist Package Manually

If a player is unable to get online, user can put the programs package under the designated directories of USB disk. The program will be automatically loaded as soon as inserting the USB disk into the player which has installed the player software.

Region Server

Build a region server to transit playlist, where the player can download the playlist through LAN directly. It can effectively reduce the bandwidth use.

Player Management

Players will store the received playlists as well as automatically clean the overdue playlists.

Manual Playlist Management

By using web server, user can realize the playlist prestored on each player. You can not only delete them manually by remote operation, but also can manage the playlists through the configure dialog of player.

Optional Hardware Architecture For Player

Windows, X86

Windows Install the player software under the MS Windows system, keeping the PC on line. Then a new player is born. The player will self-register on the server and start to run. Supported system include Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 etc.

Linux, X86

Linux This displaying system customized before with low memory requirement and preventing the possibility of any man-made destruction can be set to use as soon as it is installed.

Linux, ARM

ARM Specialized embedded computer with smaller size can run more stably and safely.

Using On LED Screen

Supporting kinds of LED synchronous controller

  • etc.

Automatic Brightness Control

In the case of using LINSN, DBSTAR, NOVA, SANSI, MOONCELL controller, the system provides flexible brightness solutions which can adjust LED luminance automatically according to the external light intensity or regular time.

Power Control

By using our control box, power supply of the player and screen can be switched automatically at the fixed time. The switching time can be reset remotely by internet.
LINSN LED Control Card DBSTAR LED Control Card ZHONEQIN LED Control Card More information >>>

More Special Functions

Supporting High Concurrent Access

Optimized system can cope with 5000 players online at the same time easily, which has proved by a lot of success stories.

Detailed Play Log

A detailed play log of contents will be shown on the web server. User can output and print the records at any time.

Security Guarantee

It executes encryption and authentication mechanism in every aspect of the system to guard against any external threats to players.

Automatic Recovery For Player

When a fatal error occurs, the player will carry out the auto-restart and recovery operation to ensure that the basic function of remote interview is available.

Automatic Networking

The player can self-connect to the internet by 3G access at the fixed time which can be modified remotely.

Automatic Checking Time

Automatic checking and adjusting the system time.

Self-Adjusting Volume

According to the preset schedule time, the player will adjust the volume automatically.

Station Logo

Displaying the fixed station logo picture, digital clock, or weather forecast on some designated area of the window. This information will be shown in the form of hollow-out without influencing displaying contents.

IPC Watchdog

Recover from error when hardware or software issue happens. Learn more about the watchdog function.

Free Version

User can download the editor and player software to experience the powerful function. On condition of importing the playlist package with USB disk manually, this system is totally free for use.