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Digital Signage System

CMS System for LED Screens

Free Edition   This Digital Signage System have two editions, the Free Edition and Commercial Edition. In the Free Edition, all functions are available except the WEB manager function. You can use the editor to upload a playlist to the player in the local area network. To control your player through Internet, a commercial edition is necessary.

You can download the Editor and Player software, install and configure it according to the manual. You will then get a powerful player system, it can be used in all kinds of advertising displaying situation.

Download Free Edition Software >>>

Function comparison between Free Edition and Commercial Edition

Functions Free Edition Commercial Edition
Support all kinds of Video, Flash, Picture, Web page and Text display Support. Support.
Schedule the playlist with different date, time, and priority Support. Support.
Multiple display regions Support. Support.
Playlist publication through Internet Not support. Use "Send to WEB" function to send the playlist onto WEB manager, the manager will send it to the signs automatically.
Playlist publication through LAN Support. Support.
Playlist manual update with USB disk Support. Support.
Player & Screen Status Remote Monitor Not support. Monitor the working status of both software and hardware through WEB manager
Play Log Not support. The detailed play log can be query or download from the WEB at anytime.