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2021 November, 2021 Shanghai Youth Wushu Sanda Championship

2021 October, 2021 Shanghai Youth Wushu Taolu Championship

2020 December, Wushu Sanda Championship in Shanghai

2020 August, Wushu Taolu Championship in Shanghai

2019 June, 2019 Jilin Taijiquan Competition

2019 June, National Children's Combat Games 2019 - Taolu

2019 June, National Children's Combat Games 2019 - Sanda

2019 May, Taijiquan Competition in Henan

2018 October, Wushu Taolu of 16th Shanghai Games

2018 September, Wushu Competition of the 11th University Sports Games of Hunan

The match uses our Wushu Taolu Scoring System and Video Arbitration System to record timing, score and judge operations.

2018 June, Beijing Junior Wushu Competition

2018 June, 2018 Jilin Taijiquan Competition

2017 October, 2017 Taipei World University Sports Meeting

2017 May, 2017 Beijing Junior Wushu Competition

2016 Nov, Hunan Junior Wushu Championship