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Match Scoring System

The scoring and timing system for LED Screen


Scoring Console

Scoring Console
Type: KS-GC16
Size: 330x290x140 (mm)
Weight: 3 KG
Cabinet: Plastic
Display: Full color LCD (7 Inch)
Power: AC 100V~240V
Network: LAN, WLAN
Sound: 6.5mm Audio

Lite Console

Lite Console
Type: KS-GC15
Size: 265x220x100 (mm)
Weight: 1 KG
Cabinet: Iron + Plastic
Display: Color LCD (4.3 Inch)
Power: AC 100V~240V
Network: USB, RS485

Function Comparison

Scoring Console KS-GC16 Lite Console KS-GC15
Match Timer
Modify Match Timer
Break Timer
Shot Clock (Ex. Basketball 24s Shot Clock)
Team Score
Player Individual Score
Team Foul
Player Individual Foul
Player Penalty (Ex. Handball, Futsal)
Timeout No timing for timeout
Switch between the SCORE and PLAYER screen
Advertisement Control
Extend Handheld Match Timer + Shot Clock Shot Clock only

  • Be used together with the match scoring software. Can be used with variant kinds of matches.
  • Choose the wired or wireless communication method.
  • Operate the team score, team foul, player score, player foul, match timing, shot clock timing, as well as cancel for the operations.
  • Use the external match timer and shot clock handy for the independent operation.
  • Connect with the shot clock device for display the match timer and shot clock synchronously.

  • We can customize the localized console keyboard for you. Together with the same localized software, you can operate on the system easily.
    Console Multilingual Keyboard

    CE Certification
    CE Certification of Console   CE Certification of Console