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2020 October, National Table Tennis Championship

Our Table Tennis Scoring System has been applied to this game, successfully completing the timing and scoring task of the whole match.

2019 August, the 27th China-Japan-Korea Junior Sports Exchange Meet - Table-tennis

The 27th China-Japan-Korea Junior Sports Exchange Meet

2016 September, School

The Title Maker system was used to overlap the score onto the live video. Once the score changed by the judge, it will be display on this screen immediately.

2014 January, Lusofonia Games Goa 2014, India

The Lusofonia Games 2014 which held in Goa India, used our Table-Tennis Scoring System. With the excellent products and professional on-site service of our team, the game achieved complete success.

Lusofonia Games Goa 2014 Lusofonia Games Goa 2014

2010 August, China Table-Tennis Club Premier League