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2018 June, China and Russia Youth Ice-hockey Match

The competition which held in Tianjin Stadium, used our Ice-hockey scoring and timing system.

2017 July, Ice-hockey Tournament in Hebei Olympic Sports Center

2017 April, HuaXin Ice-hockey Hall in Shanghai

2017 April, Beijing Teenage Ice-Hockey League

2017 March, Beijing HuiJia Private School

2015 November, Shanghai Sanlin Sports Center

2015 July, Beijing Tiger Hockey Club

Tiger Hockey Club using our Ice Hockey Scoring System for live timing and scoring and scoreboard displaying.

Tiger Hockey Club Tiger Hockey Club

2009 October, 2009 Bandy World Championship

2009 Bandy World Championship was held in Switzerland, and our Ultra Score software was used to displaying the score on the LED Screen.

Bandy World Cup 2009 Bandy World Cup 2009
Federation of International Bandy Federation of International Bandy