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2018 November, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center

Chinese Football Association Super League Chinese Football Association Super League

2018 October, CFA Team China International Football Match 2018

Our Football Socring System was successfully used in "CFA Team China Suzhou Olympic Sports Cup International Football Match 2018" in Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.

CFA Chinese Football Association

2018 April, Singapore Football League

2017 April, 2017 Chinese Football Association Super League

Our Football Timing and Scoring System has been used in multiple stadiums for Chinese Football Association Super League. Which archived accurate scoring and timing functions.

Chinese Football Association Super League Chinese Football Association Super League

2017 March, FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Asia 2018

The competition between China & Korea held in HeLong stadium, which is the most important match for China team. Our scoring and variety of display equipment was used on this match. We are proud of showing a brilliant game to all the audience.
  • Football Socring System
  • Production Switcher
  • Title Maker
  • Video Slow Motion

  • FIFA

    2014 July, Sanqing Fortune Square Cup of Football

    2014 July, Guizhou Liupanshui Stadium

    2014 January, Lusofonia Games Goa 2014, India

    The Lusofonia Games 2014 which held in Goa India, used our Football Scoring System. With the excellent products and professional on-site service of our team, the game achieved complete success.

    Lusofonia Games Goa 2014 Lusofonia Games Goa 2014

    2011 May, Slovenia Ljudski vrt Stadium

    As the home court of Maribor, Ljudski vrt stadium of Slovenia host the European Leagues and other important football matches in a long term. The stadium used Kazo Vision's football scoring system for scoreboard display.

    NK Maribor NK Maribor

    2007 October, Shanghai Stadium

    The biggest stadium in Shanghai - "Shanghai Stadium" used "Barco's" products to display the score information. And we provided our network version competition score system to them for the competition information and multimedia display.
    This system has been fully tested with the "2007 Special Olympics" event, and got a lot of high opinions from the sporting world.

    Barco China Barco China
    2007 Special Olympics 2007 Special Olympics

    2007 September, Shanghai JinShan Stadium

    Our competition score system with football competition module was used in Shanghai JinShan Stadium. It was successfully used in "2007 Shanghai Women World Cup". And this system has also been used in the "Shanghai ZhongChao league matches" in a long term.

    CFA Chinese Football Association
    China League China League