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Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for your supporting of the "Lyrebird".

Since most of the features in "Lyrebird" has been supported by our new system "PVSystem", we will going to stop update "Lyrebird" soon.
Upgrade to the new system is free if you already has the license of "Lyrebird". Contact us if you will like to try or upgrade to the new system.

PVSystem: Digital Signage System - CMS System for LED Screens

Thank you very much.

This system can be used with kinds of synchronous and asynchronous LED screens. We have a long-term experience in LED screen projects, so the system fit the practice properly. And it has also been verified through a lone-term using.

Compared with the LED software carried by the controller, our software has following advantages:
  • Easy to learn and use. Provide file drag drop and copy paste functions.
  • Various kinds of program publishing types. You can specify the date, time, repeat times and duration.
  • Supports almost all media formats on Windows.
  • Supports network remote operation and remote monitoring. You can control multiple screens at the same time.
  • Integrated different types of display devices such as LCD, LED Screen, and Asynchronous LED Screen in one system.
  • Customize features according to your needs.

LED Synchronous Screen:

In most cases, you can replace the software from manufacturer directly. You can start using the new software with some simple steps of configuration. You can also contact us if you have any problems on it.
Linsn Controller
LED Studio Transfer Guide: (Help you transfer to our software from the "LED Studio" of Linsn)
Download: ledstudio_tranfer_guide.pdf
DBSTAR DBstar Controller
DBstar Controller
ZDEC ZDEC Controller
ZDEC Controller
(Only list partly)

LED Asynchronous Screen:

Generally, the Asynchronous LED controllers use the Serial Port or Network for communication. The protocol is totally between different manufacturers, and even the different serials of one manufacturer's products. Please check the type and serial of the controller with our compatible list before using it. You can also contact us if you have any problems on it.
LISTEN Listen LS-N Controller
Listen LS-N Controller
DBSTAR DBStar ARM9 Controller
DBStar ARM9 Controller
Xixun Electronics Xixun M-Serials Controller
Xixun M-Serials Controller

If you are the manufacturer of LED controller

We are pleased to cooperate with you and add communication functions for your controller (Screen settings, Brightness control, Temperature sensor, etc.). And even provide the OEM software. Please Contact Us.