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Swimming Timing System

Swimming Timing Software

Swimming Timing Software Features:
  • Supporting Swimming referee scoring.
  • Display welcome info, order info, score info and rank info.
  • Record results, and generate reports.
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    Starting Host

    Starting Host Specification:
    Size: 320 x 220 x 170 (mm)
    Weight: 6.4 KG
  • Swimming starting host, which is connected with the system, battery and horn.
  • Control software through wireless and wired network connection.

  • Decoding Module

    Decoding Module Specification:
    Size: 148 x 148 x 60 (mm)
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 0.3 KG
  • It is used to connect starting block, touchpad, timing push button, speaker and other equipments to realize the control and data reading functions of communication controller for each equipment.

  • Timing Push Button

    Timing Push Button Specification:
    Size: 115 x 25 x 25 (mm)
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 0.1 KG
  • The single lane referee timed the time manually.
  • Take remedial measures to prevent the failure of the touchpad during the competition.

  • Starting Block

    Starting Block Specification:
    Size: 450 x 400 x 45 (mm)
    Material: Iron
    Weight: 4.0 KG
  • The front of the device has a built-in LED green flash speed light synchronized with the starting system, which is convenient for hearing-impaired swimmers to jump and start quickly.
  • Provides the starting reaction of the athletes and the baton handover time of the relay competition, accurate to 0.01 seconds.
  • The device has 2 adjustable nylon fastening straps, which can be used with various domestic starting blocks.

  • Touchpad

    Touchpad Specification:
    Size: 2375 x 900 x 70 (mm)
    Material: Iron + PVC
    Weight: 10.0 KG
  • There are no blind spots on the entire touch panel surface. The touch panel is embedded with a pressure electronic sensor, equipped with a full-face switch system, with a sensitivity of 2~3kg and equal force.
  • The surface is made of all-plastic (PVC) non-slip shell. In order to protect the long-term use of the swimming pool wall and the safety of personnel, stainless steel products are not allowed.

  • Meet Management Server (OVR)

    Meet Management Server Specification:
    Model: KS-MMS-MINI
    Size: 260x135x35 (mm)
    Weight: 1.0 KG
  • Easy to create a match, and import the match entry information.
  • Arrangement the match with variants of game systems. Including elimination, round-robin, etc.
  • Provide the match information to the scoring software on each venue/court.
  • Gather the real time score and statistics information from the scoring software. Monitor the progress of the match.
  • Summary and print integrated report.
  • Generate standard reports for the match, including start-list, results, combined results, ranking, etc.
  • Print certifications with adjustable print templates.
  • Print the team score report.
  • Open interface with ODF compatible data feed.
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    TTS Module

    TTS Module Specification:
    Model: KS-TTS-MODULE
    Size: 125x95x35 (mm)
  • Automatic voice call in the roll-call area.

  • Digital Timer

    Digital Timer Specification:
    Model: DT-40
    Size: 570x200x120 (mm)
    Weight: 2.3 KG
    Material: ABS resin
    Display: LED (White/orange/red/green)
    Power: AC 100V~240V 50/60HZ
    Communication: Wireless
  • Contest timer.
  • Timeout timer.

  • Video Arbitration System

    Video Arbitration System Features:
  • Record and replay the HD video with different angles on maximum 8 channels.
  • Variant replay speed selection.
  • Mark and export video clips on any time.
  • Link with scoring and timing system, display the game clock and referee operations on the replay video.
  • Pan & zoom the video on any channel, which can see exactly the details of the view.
  • Display the live or replay video onto the LED screen in the stadium.
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