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Rowing Timing System

Rowing Timing System is an automatic timing system, which combines the software and hardware and uses high-speed color CCD digital camera. It can realize the automation of the measurement process, so as to ensure the fairness of the process and outcome of the match.

Rowing Timing Software

Rowing Timing Software Features:
  • Support simultaneous operation of shooting and score interpretation.
  • Restart the software can recovery timing from the computer crashes.
  • Results output accuracy: 0.0001s ~ 1s.
  • Print transcripts on-site and generate result documents in multiple formats.

  • Rowing Starter

    Rowing Starter Specification:
    Model: KS-ST200
    Communication: Wireless
  • Auto start photofinish camera via the wireless startup device
  • Wireless communication distance up to 2000m.
  • Provide synchronous and clear shots starting simulation.
  • Support multiple starting and storing trigger records.

  • Rowing Photofinish Camera

    Rowing Photofinish Camera Specification:
    Model: KS-PT100
    Size: 230x125x110(mm)
    Weight: 2.25KG
    Power: 12V(±10%) DC
    Display: 320x240 LCD
  • Connected to the software and camera independently.
  • Shooting speed: 2000 frame/s.
  • Timing accuracy: 0.25ms.
  • Resolution: 2048P.
  • Sensor: CCD.
  • Color: 8 bit full color picture.