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Gateball Scoring System

Gateball Scoring Software

Gateball Scoring Software Features:
Professional Gateball software. It can record the scores in the match and display the score on the LED screen.
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Meet Management Server (OVR)

Meet Management Server Specification:
Size: 260x135x35 (mm)
Weight: 1.0 KG
  • Easy to create a match, and import the match entry information.
  • Schedule the match with variants of competition systems. Including elimination, round-robin, etc.
  • Provide the match information to the scoring software on each venue/court.
  • Gather the real time score and statistics information from the scoring software. Monitor the progress of the match.
  • Summary and print integrated report.
  • Generate standard reports for the match, including start-list, results, combined results, ranking, etc.
  • Print certifications with adjustable print templates.
  • Print the team score report.
  • Open interface with ODF compatible data feed.
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