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Climbing Timing System

Climbing Timing System has the characteristics of high timing accuracy, fast and accurate interpretation, strong stability, simple operation, convenient carrying and installation, less consumables and so on. It provides an excellent sports timing processing system for the long-term sports training base.

Climbing Scoring Software

Climbing Scoring Software Features:
  • Support every function of climbing match.
  • Supporting Climbing referee scoring.
  • Display various scoring information.
  • Record results, and generate reports.
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    Climbing Timing Console

    Climbing Timing Console Specification:
    Model: KS-MONSTER
    Size: 260x280x80 (mm)
    Weight: 3 KG
    Material: Iron
    Power: AC 100V~240V
    Communication: LAN
  • Auto synchronize between the Main and Backup system. Hot switching backup system.
  • Match timer control. Adjust the match timer.
  • Timeout function.
  • External handheld for controlling the match timer.
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    Climbing Starter

    Climbing Starter Specification:
    Model: KS-STARTER
    Size: 355x250x160 (mm)
    Weight: 6.4 KG
    Material: Iron
  • Connect the control software computer through wired network to start timing.
  • It has command sound effect and microphone function.

  • Climbing Start Pedal

    Climbing Start Pedal Specification:
    Size: 355x250x160 (mm)
    Weight: 6.4 KG
    Material: Iron
  • It can be connected to the timing and scoring host.
  • It can be synchronous climbing start indicator.

  • Climbing Start Indicator

    Climbing Start Indicator Specification:
    Size: φ50 (mm)
    Weight: 0.08 KG
    Material: ABS+PC
    Power: DC 12V

    Climbing Match Timing Display

    Climbing Match Timing Display Specification:
    Size: 620x190x45 (mm)
    Weight: 0.6 KG
    Material: Aluminum
  • Can be connected to the match software or the referee console.
  • Synchronously display the match time.

  • Climbing Finish Button

    Climbing Finish Button Specification:
    Model: KS-CLBN
    Size: 100x100x55 (mm)
    Material: Plastic+Aluminium
  • Connect to the scoring console.
  • Trigger a timeout (auto pause the game clock) from the coach bench.

  • Meet Management Server (OVR)

    Meet Management Server Specification:
    Model: KS-MMS-MINI
    Size: 260x135x35 (mm)
    Weight: 1.0 KG
  • Easy to create a match, and import the match entry information.
  • Schedule the match with variants of competition systems. Including elimination, round-robin, etc.
  • Provide the match information to the scoring software on each venue/court.
  • Gather the real time score and statistics information from the scoring software. Monitor the progress of the match.
  • Summary and print integrated report.
  • Generate standard reports for the match, including start-list, results, combined results, ranking, etc.
  • Print certifications with adjustable print templates.
  • Print the team score report.
  • Open interface with ODF compatible data feed.
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