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Match Scoring System

The scoring and timing system for LED Screen



Professional Scoreboard

Scoring Software Scoreboard View
Supports the scoring and timing for various kinds of match. The content and layout on the scoreboard not only refer to the official match rules, but also be optimized according to the referee's experience.

Flexible Layout

Scoring Software Layout Customize
All contents in the scoreboard including fonts, color and layout can be modified to meet the effect of clients' needs.

Rich Multimedia Support

Able to display multiple media files in a lot of effects. And switch between different scoreboard screens.

Evaluation Download

  • Standalone Edition
  • Scoring Software Standalone edition
    Match management, Scoring, and Media display functions, all on one PC. The referee must operate on the PC for displaying directly.
    Suitable for the stadium which has just one screen and don't have strict needs of the scoring and timing accuracy.

  • Standard Network Edition
  • Scoring Software Standard Network edition
    The scoreboard and media display function can be put on an independent PC. So the referee can operate on the PC beside the court which don't need to connect to the screen directly.
    Suitable for the stadium which has one screen, but need to scoring and timing beside the court.

  • Professional Network Edition
  • Scoring Software Professional Network edition
    The referee can scoring beside the court. There can also be several PCs for displaying scoreboard and advertising in the control room.
    Suitable for the stadium which has two or more screens, the referee should scoring beside the court, or the screens will need to display different contents. (For example, one for scoreboard, another for advertising or player info).