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Basketball Stats Software

Basketball Stats Software
Record the points, shot position, assistant, foul, rebound of each player during the basketball game. Generate the professional and detailed statistics report for live data display.

Free Edition

Volleyball Stats Software

Volleyball Stats Software
Report the serve, points, error data during the volleyball game. Generate statistics report for each player.

Free Edition

Manual Operation

Timing and scoring on the stats program directly during the match. It will record the points and foul times for each player.

Synchronize with Ultra Score

Link with Ultra Score. The timing and scoring data be exactly synchronized with the match scoring system.

Professional Stats Report

Detailed stats report include the hot spot, and stats for each player.

Live Video Title Overlay

Connect with Title Maker automatically. Overlap the statis data onto the live video during the game.

Live Data Service

WEB service with online live data of the match.

Free Edition Commercial Edition
Stats for the Game Support. Support.
Export Stats Report (PDF) Support. Support.
Synchronize with Ultra Score Not support. Support.
Video Overlap Signal Not support. Support.
Live Data Service Not support. Support.

Sports Stats System