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2018 June, Beijing Junior Wushu Competition

2018 June, China and Russia Youth Ice-hockey Match

The competition which held in Tianjin Stadium, used our Ice-hockey scoring and timing system.

2018 June, 2018 Jilin Taijiquan Competition

2018 May, Tianjin Show Jumping Grand Prix

2018 May, Teenage Judo Championship of JiangSu Province

2018 April, Singapore Football League

2018 April, Mexico Baseball League

2018 April, 2018 DAOYI Public Taekwondo Invitational Tournament

2018 April, China High School Men's Basketball League

The match uses our Title Maker system to overlay the game time and score onto the live stream.

2018 April, SWISS Basketball League

SWISS Basketball League SWISS Basketball League

2018 January, Henan Skiing Open Tournament 2018

2018 January, China 3X3 Basketball Championship

2017 December, Teenage Taekwondo Championship of Dongguan

2017 November, Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Bangladesh

The stadium uses our Perimeter System to display the advertistings during the game.

2017 October, 2017 Taipei World University Sports Meeting

2017 October, Japan Basketball League - B.LEAGUE

2017 August, JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge


2017 July, Ice-hockey Tournament in Hebei Olympic Sports Center

2017 June,FIVB Volleyball World League Kunshan 2017

2017 June, National Beach Volleyball Grand Slam 2017

Our Beach Volleyball Scoring System was used in this game to realize live timing and scoring and scoreboard displaying.

2017 June, FINA Water Polo World League Super Final Women 2017

2017 May, 2017 Beijing Junior Wushu Competition

2017 May, 2017 Jr.NBA Shanghai

2017 Jr.NBA Shanghai

2017 April, 2017 Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League

Our Basketball Scoring System and Title Maker has been used in this game.

2017 Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League 2017 Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League

2017 April, 2017 Chinese Football Association Super League

Our Soccer Timing and Scoring System has been used in multiple stadiums for Chinese Football Association Super League. Which archived accurate scoring and timing functions.

Chinese Football Association Super League Chinese Football Association Super League

2017 March, Beijing Metro Station

Our Digital Signage System has been used in all of the metro station in Beijing. All screens showing the advertising synchronizely.

2017 March, FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Asia 2018

The competition between China & Korea held in HeLong stadium, which is the most important match for China team. Our scoring and variety of display equipment was used on this match. We are proud of showing a brilliant game to all the audience.
  • Soccer Socring System
  • Production Switcher
  • Title Maker
  • Video Slow Motion

  • FIFA

    2017 January, AFLC (American Football League of China) Finals

    2016 December, Chinese Futsal League

    2016 Nov, Teenage Judo Championship of JiangSu Province

    2016 September, Community Screen

    2016 August, 2016 Legends of NBA Tour

    2016 August, Shanghai Rucker Park

    Rucker Park

    2016 July, Shanghai Metro Guidance System

    2016 June, Qatar Futsal Intercontinental Cup 2016

    2016 May, CORTEFIEL LED Sign, Spain

    Our Digital Signage System be used on the LED Sign of CORTEFIEL, who is a clothing chain store of Spain. All contents on the screen are managed remotely through Internet.

    2016 May, Teng Long Taekwondo Championship

    2015 April, Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League

    Our basketball scoring system was used in the league.

    Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League 2016 Sina 3x3 Basketball Golden League

    2015 November, Shanghai Sanlin Sports Center

    2015 October, China Pool Tournament

    The China Pool Tournament settled in Xining which played an important role in promoting development in Qinghai billiard sports. The match used our billiard scoring system, event management system and sports live video system to manage the information of every player.

    2015 August, 2015 Legends of NBA Tour-Nanxiang

    The remarkable "2015 Legends of NBA Tour-Nanxiang" was held in the newly opened Jiading Stadium. The "White Chocolate" Jason Williams and the "First Defender" Daniel Gibson led the "Dragon" and the "Tiger" respectively into battle on the field.


    2015 July, Streetball Challenge 2015, Hong Kong

    2015 July, Adidas Cup 2015, Hong Kong

    2015 June, National Women's Volleyball Championship 2015

    2015 May, 2015 Spring Equestrian Tournament