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Baseball Scoring System

Professional scoring system for baseball. It can display the detailed scores and player info. It can be switched to display the live video easily.

Baseball Scoring Software

Baseball Scoring Software Features:
Professional baseball software. It can record the scores in the match and display the score on the LED screen.
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Baseball Referee Console

Baseball Referee Console Specification:
Type: KS-GC16
Size: 330x290x140 (mm)
Weight: 3 KG
Shell: Plastic
Display: Full color LCD (7 Inch)
Power: AC 100V~230V
Network: LAN, WLAN
  • Must be used together with Baseball Scoring Software.
  • Working in the LAN or WLAN environment.
  • Modify the score of the team.
  • Player substitution.
  • Operations for Ball, Strike, Out.
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    Baseball Ball Speed Radar

    Baseball Ball Speed Radar Specification:
    Type: KS-BA10
  • Must be use together with Baseball Scoring Software.
  • Gather the real time ball speed and display on the scoreboard.