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LED Perimeter System

Professional controlling system for perimeter screen

  This is a synchronous video playback system named Zither, special for LED perimeter screen, typically arrayed in long lines around sports fields, which integrates the functions of LED cabinets management, play list management and program editing. Video, image and text message can be arranged to broadcast synchronously in a long running state. Zither system is able to activate the maximum load of LED controller card and help you set up a powerful video playback system.

System Diagram

Zither System Diagram


Support program folded display and synchronous output

Breaking the resolution restriction on general LED controller card, making LED controller card most effective used, managing folded content display smartly.

Support variants file formats

Image formats: JPG, PNG
Video formats: AVI, MPG, MP4
Character format: TXT
Supporting editing text message manually.

HD and 4K pixel output

The maximum output resolution is 4K. One set of LED controller card is enough for entire perimeter screen.

Pause and play

Pause and play on-going playlist at any time without picture shaking.

Multiple display effects

Displaying program simultaneously.
Districting display.
Combination display.
Image stream display: Scrolling display a stream of pictures which allows to set moving speed.
Text effect: Go-round display of text, text speed setting, text editing manually.
Image effect: fade in.

Visual configuration

Input the number of perimeter screen's sides, display sections for every side, and cabinets for every section. Set the pixel for every cabinet, then you may preview display effect on entire perimeter screen.

Flexible combination modes of cabinets

1-n units of cabinets can be grouped as display sections at random. All display sections can broadcast synchronously.

Support insert-play

Any created general playlist can work as an insert-playlist, to display premium sponsor's programs when a "special events" happens, such as goals etc. whilst the original playlist will be paused and keep playing after that automatically.

Linkage with Ultra Score System

Linking with Match Score System can display the scoring, timing, Team Name, Team Logo, Meet Name and so on.   Perimeter System

Display Effect

Perimeter System Stadium Advertising System Stadium Circle Advertising