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Canoe Polo Scoring System

Canoe Polo Referee Console

Canoe Polo Referee Console Specification:
Model: KS-GC16
Size: 330x290x140 (mm)
Weight: 3 KG
Shell: Plastic
Display: Full color LCD (7 Inch)
Power: AC 100V~240V
Communication: LAN, WLAN
  • Be used together with Canoe Polo Scoring Software.
  • Working in the LAN or WLAN environment.
  • Modify the score of the team.
  • Select the player for penalty.
  • Player substitution.
  • Match timer control. Adjust the match timer.
  • Shot clock control.
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    Canoe Polo Shot Clock

    Canoe Polo Shot Clock Specification:
    Model: KS-BASH-C/S
    Size: 710x610x60 (mm)
    Communication: Wired + Wireless (433MHz)
  • Can be connected to the "Canoe Polo Referee Console", display the match timer and shot clock synchronously.
  • Display the timeout counter when there is a timeout.
  • Buzzer when match timer or shot clock timeout.