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Match Scoring System

The scoring and timing system for LED Screen


Scoring Tablet

Scoring Tablet KS-GC14 Specification:
Model: KS-GC14
Size: 10 Inch
Resolution: 2560*1600
Weight: 600 G
Display: Full color touchable LCD
Battery: 9300mAh
Communication: WLAN

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Scoring Handheld

Scoring Handheld KS-GC17 Specification:
Model: KS-GC17
Size: 120x220x70 (mm)
Weight: 700 G
Cabinet: Plastic
Display: Full color LCD (4.3 Inch)
Power: Internal battery (work over 10 hours)
Charge: DC 12V
Communication: 433MHz Wireless

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  • Be used together with the match scoring software. Can be used with variant kinds of matches.
  • Enter score or code for matchs like: Artistic Gymnastics, Wushu, Artistic Swimming, Diving, Figure Skating.

  • CE Certification
    CE Certification of Handheld   CE Certification of Handheld