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Light Score

Digital scoreboard which can be controlled from your phone

Scoring with your phone with just 3 steps:
1. Power on the scoreboard;
2. Connect your phone into the WIFI network of scoreboard;
3. Open the app on your phone, start scoring with it.

  Light Score™ is an unprecedented digital scoreboard. You don't need the clumsy scoring controller any more with it. The scoreboard can be controlled through your phone or table-pc remotely.
The system supports displaying the game score, fouls, period, match timer and shot clock during the match. All operations can be done through your phone or tablet-pc.

Light Score™ App

Light Score™ App We offer a free Light Score™ App, Which can be installed on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can open the App and operate on it directly with the "Standalone Mode".

You may also purchase the "Display Mode" in the App. So you may control it through another device remotely. All contents will be synchronized.

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Digital Scoreboard

Digital Scoreboard LED digital scoreboard which can be controlled from a phone or tablet-pc with the Light Score™ App remotely.

Without any expansion device, the device can be used with simply connect to the power supply. The device uses high-brightness LED bulbs, it's easy to be see on the outdoor field.

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More Devices...

More Devices We can customize scoreboard of any particular size and the corresponding control App. And we can even customize the scoreboard for the special match types.

We offer a controller based on Android. You can connect it to the LCD display like a scoreboard screen.

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Download for iPhone / iPad
Free app to control the scoreboard screen from your iPhone / iPad.
Download Light Score from App Store
Download for Android
Free app to control the scoreboard screen from your Android device.
Download Light Score from Android Market
+ Download setup file "lightscore.apk" directly.