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Light Score

Digital scoreboard which can be controlled from your phone

Scoring with your phone with just 3 steps:
1. Power on the scoreboard;
2. Connect your phone into the WIFI network of scoreboard;
3. Open the app on your phone, start scoring with it.

  Light Score™ is an App for different mobile and tablet devices. It's free to download and install.

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Light Score™ App Features

Light Score™ App Features interface 1 Add score by press the number with finger touch. You may also operate on the button on bottom toolbar.
Light Score™ App Features interface 2 By long press the button on the toolbar, there will appear a popup menu. You may cancel the score or foul by press the button in the popup menu.
Light Score™ App Features interface 3 Support the 24s shot clock for basketball match. You may also use the popup menu to reset the shot clock into 14s which is suitable for professional match.
Light Score™ App Features interface 4 According to the various match types. You may set the rules for each match, like the period time, etc.

Display Mode

Light Score™ can be used on the phone / tablet directly. You can connect two devices together, one as the "Display", another as the "Controller", the "Display Mode" device can be controlled remotely.
(You may purchase the "Display Mode" inside the App)


If your language hasn't been supported by Light Score™. You may download the following language file, translate it and mail to sales@kazovision.com. We will add your language into the App for free.