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2018 June, Beijing Junior Wushu Competition

2018 June, China and Russia Youth Ice-hockey Match

The competition which held in Tianjin Stadium, used our Ice-hockey scoring and timing system.

2018 June, 2018 Jilin Taijiquan Competition

2018 May, Tianjin Show Jumping Grand Prix

2018 May, Teenage Judo Championship of JiangSu Province

2018 April, Singapore Football League

2018 April, Mexico Baseball League

2018 April, 2018 DAOYI Public Taekwondo Invitational Tournament

2018 April, China High School Men's Basketball League

The match uses our Title Maker system to overlay the game time and score onto the live stream.

2018 April, SWISS Basketball League

SWISS Basketball League SWISS Basketball League

2018 January, Henan Skiing Open Tournament 2018

2018 January, China 3X3 Basketball Championship