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Sports Perimeter System

Professional controlling system for perimeter screen


Sports Perimeter System is a specialized system which is developed to meet demands of spots gyms for multimedia publishing.

The system can integrate all the LEDs, LCDs and projectors in the gym into a system. It allows centralized publishing management to build the gym's exclusive ads and information network. The system is easy to operate and user-friendly and will help you manage information publishing efficiently.

Sports Perimeter System

This is an advertisement and video synchronized displaying system for perimeter screen of stadium. This system can be used to playback the video files with predefined playlist, and all videos on each computer will be totally synchronized. This system has a powerful media edit and manager function and supports almost all types of video and image formats. It will help you form an advertisement system quickly.
  Sports Perimeter Software

System Diagram

Perimeter System Diagram

The technology we are using can synchronize all videos via the software which is more flexible and convenient than the hardware synchronization technology and it will also reduce your cost.
The whole system can be established within LAN. All edit and manage operations could be done on the "Editor" software. And once the playback starts, all "Player" software will begin to playback the videos in order and they will be synchronized automatically.


  • Open multi-screen on one computer at one time and synchronize them totally. Playback the videos on over 10 windows, all videos will be totally synchronized.
  • Synchronize players on several computers in the LAN by one PC, and the time difference between each computer will be less 1/30 second. (about 1-2 video frames and which is hard to be realized by human eyes)
  • There is no limitation to video window's count. You can create a new playback window on current computer at any time. Or add a new player computer to the LAN if you are constrained by hardware performance.
  • It not only supports the normal video types like AVI and MPEG, but also the BMP, JPEG, GIF, FLASH, and MOV files.
  • It supports inserting a predefined video list when the players score goals or the other special events happens, and the original video will be resumed when the predefined video is over.
  • It supports displaying notification and the video playback and the notify content will be overlapped on the video.
  • Auto schedule function can help you execute all kinds of control instructions at specified time automatically.
  • Convenient operation interface help you to edit and adjust the complex playlist and control the whole play procedure easily.
  • Optional resource library module can help you to manager all video materials.

Display Effect

Perimeter System Stadium Advertising System Stadium Circle Advertising