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Track Timing System

Track Timing System is an automatic timing system, which combines the software and hardware and uses high-speed color CCD digital camera. It can realize the automation of the measurement process, so as to ensure the fairness of the process and outcome of the match.


  • Various levels of domestic and international athletics competition.
  • School sports, physical fitness test and college entrance sports test.
  • Athletics competition of school sports.
  • Daily training, assessment and competitions in troops and military academies.

Track Timing Software

Track Timing Software Features:
  • Support simultaneous operation of shooting and score interpretation.
  • Restart the software can recovery timing from the computer crashes.
  • Results output accuracy: 0.0001s ~ 1s.
  • Print transcripts on-site and generate result documents in multiple formats.

  • Track Starting Host

    Track Starting Host Specification:
    Model: KS-ST100
    Communication: Wireless
  • Wireless communication distance up to 500m.
  • Provide synchronous and clear shots starting simulation.
  • Provide analog voice, such as on your mark, get set.

  • Track Starting Handle

    Track Starting Handle Specification:
    Model: KS-ST100/A
    Communication: Wired
  • Support multiple starting.

  • Track Flash Indicator

    Track Flash Indicator Specification:
    Model: KS-ST100/S
    Communication: Wired
  • Provide synchronous starting signal.

  • Track Terminal Timer

    Track Terminal Timer Specification:
    Model: KS-PT100C1K
    Size: 230x125x110 (mm)
    Weight: 2.25KG
    Power: 12V(±10%) DC
    Display: 320x240 LCD