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This software is mainly for bracket creating, editing, exporting and printing in different competitions. It has clear operation interface and rich functions and it is easy to use. You can quickly create a bracket and show the round info, result and the competition result to the players, referees and audience directly.

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Main Function

  • Strong intuitive: You can directly add and show the logo of the players and you can add the memo and name of player.
  • Batch add players: You can customize player count for batch addition, create a round image at first and then add the player name and info according to the result.
  • Import players: You may create a text file in advance which includes all players' name. So all players may be import the program at one time.
  • Auto arrange: The software will make a round arrangement with algorithm optimization.
  • Display match number: You can arrange the numbers for all matches and show it in the bracket.
  • Export brackets: You can export the bracket with the image format.
  • Export orders: You can export the order info with image or text format.
  • Export results: You can export the results with image or text format.
  • Print: You can print the bracket, order info and results.
  • Rich display effects: You can set the player name's font, color and match line thickness and color and so on to display a prefect effects.
  • Easy operate: The interface is clear and the software is easy to operate.

Export Bracket

export bracket